OncoTrack Case Study
September 3, 2015

ABIRISK Case Study

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Comparing clinical data across multiple disease areas

The Challenge

Biopharmaceuticals provide a valuable new approach to disease management. But a significant limitation in their use is the development of anti-drug antibodies (ADA) in some patients. The development of ADA is seen to some extent across all diseases and with all treatments, but the individual data sets for any single disease and treatment have usually been small. ABIRISK seeks to bring these data sets together to understand the common underlying causes of ADA. To do this, disparate data sets from multiple disease areas and many different institutions need to be analysed together. These data can be decades old and drawn from all corners of Europe using a wide range of clinical techniques and standards. They must then be combined with new data from studies commissioned by ABIRISK themselves. ABIRISK needs to bring these data together in such a way that common factors can be identified.

The eTRIKS solution

Together ABIRISK and eTRIKS have set up a jointly managed environment in which the data from the ABIRISK partners can be quality checked, standardised to ensure it is compatible, curated into a standard data tree and loaded into the latest version of tranSMART to allow novel analyses across disease areas. In addition to ground breaking research, this collaboration is also leading the way in establishing the legal framework in which IMI projects can work together effectively.

The details

  • tranSMART 1.2 deployed and data sets transferred
  • Data anonymisation procedure for clinical data reviewed and amended
  • Data hosting platform created and deployed
  • Efficient data curation process developed
  • Data curated into hosted environment – data transferred from existing IDBS to fully supported eTRIKS hosted environment
  • Security model designed and implemented
  • Data QC pipeline developed
  • Data export functionality developed for longitudinal data

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