eTRIKS Harmonisation Services

The eHS will expedite data loading using a new repository for harmonized data and meta-data for translational research projects. This repository and associated interfaces will facilitate the configuration of study designs, preparation of study data for system import and transformation of study data into semantically consistent representations. Any project that requires data curation and standardization will benefit from this platform.

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The authors would like to acknowledge the following contributors to the eTRIKS Harmonisation Services: Yi-Ke Guo, Ibrahim Emam, Dilshan Silva, Chen Ze, Florian Guitton and Ioannis Pandis of Imperial College London; Philippe Rocca-Serra of Oxfrod e-Research Centre, Oxford university; Dorina Bratfalean of CDISC; Fabien Richard of the European Institute for Systems Biology. In addition, the authors acknowledge the contributions of the IMI and EFPIA.


This eTRIKS Labs module is offered to the public as freely available resource, for non-commercial research use. Some aspects of this experimental module may still be under development, and there are no warranties about the completeness, reliability, accuracy, and security of the software package. Please bear this in mind, especially if you wish to analyse personal and/or confidential data.