Venue: World Trade Centre, Amsterdam
Date of Launch: 22nd of October 2015

With large, complex datasets becoming the norm staging, exploring and analyzing translational research data can be challenging and resource intensive. eTRIKS is working to change that by providing platforms, services, and guidance for the use and re-use of translational research data.

Our newest development is the creation of an online space, eTRIKS Labs, where new deliveries that are being worked on will be made available for review and feedback. The intent is for this to be a means of co-creating tools, services, training and guidelines for translational research

We are launching eTRIKS Labs on October 22nd at the eTRIKS Community meeting which is the day after the tranSMART Foundation’s Annual meeting in Amsterdam. Come see and contribute your ideas about how to better stage, explore, and analyse translational research data.  There is no cost to attend. Register here :

eTRIKS tools to Feature at eTRIKS Labs Launch

eTRIKS Harmonisation System (eHS)

The eHS will expedite data loading using a new repository for harmonized data and meta-data for translational research projects. This repository and associated interfaces will facilitate the configuration of study designs, preparation of study data for system import and transformation of study data into semantically consistent representations. Any project that requires data curation and standardization will benefit from this platform.

Disease Maps

The disease maps are integrated knowledge repositories that provide biological context to data emerging from experimental studies for selected IMI projects. Disease areas of current interest include; respiratory, neurological and rheumatoid arthritis.

eTRIKS Analytical Environment

A modular open source based framework for managing and analyzing large scale data. Not only are there no silver bullets now in view to address all those problems at once but, the very nature of data science requires an environment capable of adapting and evolving at the same pace as medicine does. Thus, this framework mandates the development of a scalable on demand, performant and resilient to failure solution.

SmartR –

SmartR is aimed to provide a highly dynamic and interactive way of visualizing and analyzing data within tranSMART. Using recent web technologies SmartR generates visual analytics within the web browser rather than making use of static images. This provides the user with the possibility to explore and interact with the data while background scripts ensure that heavier computations are carried out by the tranSMART server, maintaining a responsive user interface.

  • Launch was a success. Lots of interest in the tools being developed by eTRIKS setting the basis for further development of the eTRIKS Community. Integrated and explorable data are valuable data!